A message from Chris and Kim and the Blanco Team

We wanted to share a message with all of you guys out there that we call guests but who are in fact family and who are choosing to come hang out with us over this crazy time. One thing I know for certain about Blanco is that it may not be that fancy, but it is a place of laughter, it is a place of happiness, it is a place of fun, peace and love and I believe those things are the antidote to the lower level experiences in our world. These states of love and happiness and peace and fun are really the vaccines and antidotes that we are looking for. These are really the states that keep us healthy and vital and well and whole, and we simply can’t be that without these states.

So let’s get together and unite and keep ourselves safe and happy and keep ourselves inspired during these challenging times. Let’s make this pandemic the catalyst for the change that is so needed in the world. Let’s know that there is an intelligence for greater than humans at work, lets know that everything that comes across our path is of deep service to us, whether we can see that or not and lets know that all is connected and that this virus is here to remind us of what truly, truly matters.

Let’s use this to reconnect to self, to love, to wellbeing, and to being able to believe beyond that which is in our current reality. Lets believe that this virus will transport us right into a new reality, a reality where we live each day really deeply seated in our higher self, in love, as opposed to our lower self, in fear.  I know that despite the non hugging this virus is uniting us, it is bringing us to our knees so that we can see the wood for the trees and get up bigger, stronger, braver and better.

So to all of you who are choosing to venture out and visit us, our promise to you all is that we are doing everything to preserve the natural and wholesome state of Blanco. We will make sure that this remote, isolated, spiritual, delicious little place stays just that. We will do everything in our power to make sure it stays a safe haven for you all to come and to regroup, to reset, to de-exite your nervous systems and to regain perspective so you can go home strong and purposeful.

We are extremely mindful of and have a deep, deep reverence for the severity of this outbreak and certainly do support Cyril Ramaphosa in his strong and intelligent leadership on this issue, and for that reason we will be taking all the same precautions at Blanco to make sure that we do everything to stay virus free. Fortunately we are very isolated where we are and it is a spacious environment where people can take the necessary precautions. We have also to date not had any known cases in the Eastern Cape. We have had very little traffic through Blanco in January and February as we shut down for most of it for our staffs annual rest. So to date we are all good to go, but we will always be monitoring the situation. We will keep in constant communication with everyone but for now we hope to be seeing all our special people who are heading this way.  We will have the same crazy fun but we will love each other just in a slightly different way, maybe a tap on the foot or the shoulder instead of a delicious hug. Be warned though a little birdie told us that a shot of tequila and a bok drol spitting contest has been known to kill many germs, all germs in fact, and Blanco likes old remedies, they work!

And if all else fails the best medicine is to take one’s mind off of things that we fear and to put our minds on to the things that juice us and jazz us and inspire us and onto the things we want to manifest as opposed to those that we don’t.

So guys, we all in this together and we look forward to seeing those who are coming to visit us and to those who choose to stay at home, we will see you again soon when this is all over. We send love and deep levels of grace and support out into the world to everybody because we are all impacted by this on one level or another and may we as little Blanco do everything in our power to be a force for good and expansion over this time, thanks everybody so much!

NB: Please visit our website or Facebook page or contact our office if you would like a detailed explanation of the prevention protocols that we have put in place. We will be e-mailing this out to all guests who are visiting us in the next month as well. It is our mission to protect all guests from this and to also preserve our current Corona free status for ourselves and our staff and our community.