The Blanco Anti-Virus System is going Viral…

  • 1. When driving into Blanco Guests are required to stop at the cattle dip tank and get sprayed down by Farmer Brown himself. Just kidding
  • 2. We are implementing anti-bacterial and disinfectant stations throughout the entire Hotel.
  • 3. Guests are requested to please report to reception on arrival to receive the necessary information and protocol.
  • 4. We are following advice not to shake hands or greet with body contact, staff has been advice to adhere to this as well.
  • 5. We recommend that guests bring their own sanitising products for when they are in their rooms. Blanco will provide these products throughout the main areas.
  • 6. Attention is being paid to extra cleaning of the hotel. All Cleaning products are anti-Bacterial and have been stocked up on.
  • 7. Our staff have received the necessary training from our cleaning consultants on how to utilize the products correctly and effectively. We have also been advised on what products to use to
    ensure that the premises are taken care off.
  • 8. Any staff, Guests or management showing any signs or symptoms will be asked vacate the premises and get tested through the correct procedure.
  • 9. We have had personal training sessions with our staff to express the severity of this situation and how to implement extra basic hygiene.

Further to this, please rest assured that we will be monitoring things really carefully. It is most important to us to offer our guests a safe haven here in the mountains from all the fear and craziness that is going on out there. It is equally important to us to keep this beautiful natural environment and all of us that stay here safe and protected.

The positives for now is that there are currently no known cases reported in the Eastern Cape. Blanco is also extremely remote and is a very spacious environment where we don’t have too much overcrowding and people are easily able to take the necessary precautions to keep themselves protected.

We have intelligent and mindful guests (only before 22H00 though and sober) and each individual family is fully aware of how to engage with others in ways to keep themselves protected.

All our staff have been advised to remain on the premises during this time. Most people say us here at Blanco don’t live in the real world and right we are very happy for that. Let’s all work together and unite on this so that this storm can pass as quickly as possible. We look forward to provide a place where you can forget about it all and have your kids running Free.